Our Initiatives

1. Innovation Group

The Paramount Innovation Group aims to revolutionaries innovation that is related to all of the school’s objectives by soliciting, identifying, and creating opportunities. Once selected, opportunities for innovation will be implemented in collaboration with the operating units of the School. The school objectives will be well served by maintaining relationships with key professionals from the private sector and chief executives of public institutions as well as undergraduates of management students across the country and beyond.

2. Global Initiatives

Paramount Business School understands the role of leading institutions that holds unique positions as global leaders in business education and research. Through the School’s many international partnerships, programs, and initiatives, Paramount Global Initiatives will leverage knowledge to promote effective management in a global environment. Designed programmes meant to expose top policy makers in the public sector and leading business executives from the private sector will feature in the annual training calendar of the school from time to time. To this end, the School shall identify leading institutions from the western world, the Middle East and Asia for effective collaboration for mutually beneficial relationships.

3. Programme for Community Impact

At Paramount Business School, we recognize grassroots development as the engine room of societal growth and development. Harnessing the energy and capabilities of Nation’s Local Government Council Administrators and Community leaders on one hand and our Students, faculty, alumni, and others, on the other hand, will be a top priority. Premier’s Program for Social Impact strives to build capacity for the teaming unemployed Nigerians by developing social enterprise and advancing management practices in regions that need it most. Such programmes shall include policy design and guided implantation template that could lead generating of employment scheme for the unemployed Nigerians, sustainable community service through voluntarism etc.

4. Lifelong Learning Programme

Paramount Business School has all inclusive learning programme as one of its cardinal focus. There is no running away from the fact that Nigeria is a society with a very low culture of learning which has led to poor reading habit. Therefore, introduction of family library and other interactive means in the various Nigerians homes through subscription will form a major product of the School. The programme will be an integrated package that will be value driven and beneficial to all.

5. Leadership Programme

Paramount Leadership Program seeks to develop a linkage between the past leaders and the serving ones on one hand and to embark on early discovery of the young ones who are consistently being neglected by the society. Relationship with global leaders who exemplify leadership at its best by advancing institutional distinctive performance shall be established in driving the programme

6. Business Advisory Services

Paramount Business School Advisory Services will be providing technical services and innovative ideas to organizations across the country and abroad in order to reposition and stabilize them greater profitability. At moment due to lack of experience hands and the cost of hiring senior professionals, many companies are operating at losses and grossly below the installed capacity.
Our intention for this initiative is to continually exceed the business’ objectives through the ability to establish and develop an excellent rapport with clients that
will lead to customer satisfaction.