Academic Programmes

Accounting and Management

The Accounting & Management unit at Paramount Business School will strive to provide world-class learning using both indigenous and foreign case studies.

Public policy and the international economy

The Unit will focus on enhancing the performance of the public servants through the cutting edge lectures. Our experts in the public sector will be conducting research on and teach about, the economic, political, social, and legal environment in which business operates. The Unit shall parade the highly skilled and experienced scholars trained in economics, political science, and history.

Entrepreneurial management

The Entrepreneurial Management department will adopt a practical learning approach in order to provide development oriented results that will meet the nation’s development agenda towards wealth creation. The faculty members shall strive to raise the level of academic work in the field of entrepreneurship as well as lay much emphasis on attitudinal adjustment by the students.

The entrepreneurial Programs support and embrace innovation as a key philosophy of business and institutional stability. The search for collaboration with an outstanding global institution is already on so that we can effectively leverage the advanced skills that are not within our reach presently towards greater efficiency and institutional effectiveness.

General management

The General Management center will be concerned with the leadership development and management of the enterprise as a whole. Participants shall be exposed to organizational behaviour, strategy and they shall include both private and public sector operators with a greater focus on the following;

  • Management Policy and Process
  • Management Information Systems
  • Society and Enterprise
  • Leadership, Values, and Corporate Responsibility


The Marketing faculty aims to understand the needs of an organization’s customers in order to create, communicate, capture, and sustain value for the firm. Our faculty examines marketing issues related to branding, business marketing, global marketing, distribution channels, pricing, direct and interactive marketing, sales management and return on marketing investment with specialties in specific industries such as retailing, agribusiness, social enterprise, media, arts, and entertainment.